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12/31: ChatGPT AI Bias in Hunter Biden Twitter Censorship Results | Jeffrey Sachs: NATO is the Biggest Threat to Peace in Ukraine | GLENN GREENWALD CALLS OUT MEDIA, BUFFALO SNOWSTORM UPDATE + more!

12/30: Psiphon: Another CIA Spyware to Know About & Avoid | The Grayzone's end of year stream | UBER Drivers STRIKE In Boston & NYC | Awakening From The Narrative Matrix + more!

12/29: Railroad Strike that Wasn’t - What Now? | 2022: The Year of Botched Executions & Botched Proxy Wars | Quarry Encampment (Minneapolis) Press Conference Demanding an End to Encampment Evictions +

CIA Spyware | ChatGPT Bias | #RailroadStrike: What Now? #TwitterFiles 5-9 | How Did We Miss That #64 | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

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12/23: Why You Should Be A Socialist In 2023 | Congress gives Zelenskyy the hero treatment on Homeless Person's Memorial Day | COINTELPRO: All the Sins of the FBI | Rage Against War Machine, SBF $250M

12/22: Richard Wolff & Lee Camp: The Rise of The Multipolar World | Questioning COVID Perspective: Another View of The Twitter Files | Elon Musk QUESTIONS Twitter Ownership & Shellenberger + more!

12/21: Twitter Files 8: Pentagon Used Twitter as Psyop | Truth and transparency. Secrets and disinformation | The 1st Annual American Tradition Holiday Debacle | TWITTER FILES Analysis - PART FOUR +

12/20: Julian Warned Us: Tech Censorship by Proxy & Media Manipulation Through Lies | Joe Biden Is NOT The Lesser Evil & If You Think He Is You're A Chump | Peru’s Historic Fight vs US-Backed Coup +

Hunter Biden Laptop, Social Media, Censorship & AI ChatBots - Let's Have Some Fun!

12/19: Journalism Means DEBUNKING Not Repeating Government Propaganda | White House Preparing to Give Ukraine Advanced Weapons | SWAT Teams Attack Atlanta Forest Encampments, Activists Charged +

Deactivating Our Automated Tweeting of YouTube Videos to @IndLeftNews

Watch LIVE! Who’s Controlling Narratives? More #TwitterFiles Fallout & Analysis | How Did We Miss That #63 | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

12/17: DHS + Oath Keepers | Irish Politician Calls Out Western Imperialism To EU MPs Faces | Trump NFT...Why???, #DontRunJoe, Warren Says Biden Administration Is Success + more!

12/16: WaPo Layoffs, NPR Cancels Internships, FAMILIES HUNGRY IN AMERICA | Why Is US Media Becoming More Right-Wing? | Why is Mumia Abu-Jamal Still in Prison After 41 Years? + more!

12/15: Striking workers need YOUR help to WIN! | An OLIVE BRANCH To Africa? DHS OATH KEEPERS, PREPPING For WAR, MILITARY IN SCHOOLS? | America Is The Most Corrupt, Evil & Murderous Nation On Earth +

12/14: We Stand With the Rail Workers! Congress Could Get Them Paid Sick Leave TODAY! | 3rd Party Propaganda Season is Here | Third Party Could Result in Trump 2024 Win + more!

12/13: The #TwitterFiles 1-3 - Breakdown of First 3 Dumps | The Grayzone speaks out for Assange | Call Out the Imperialists! | Tas Brooker: New Whistleblowers Looking for Outreach + more

12/12: Whitney Webb visits Jimmy Dore, Matt Taibbi debated Maclolm Gladwell, Sabby Sabs talks public social media utilities with Prof. Richard Wolff, Joe Lauria’s speech from the Free Assange rally +

Watch LIVE: Rail Workers | #TwitterFiles Recaps | Eliza Bleu Fights Human Trafficking | How Did We Miss That #62 | Starts at 10pm ET | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews

Eliza Bleu & CSE at Twitter, Sabby Sabs on INN News, Intense Tara Reade interview | Indie Left & INN This Week, Dec 4-10 (Recap)

12/9: BREAKING: Bari Weiss Accidentally EXPOSES CIA & FBI in #TwitterFiles | Why You Don't Actually Own Anything Under Capitalism | Follow Up w/ Amazon Union Leader In Kentucky +

12/8: GARLAND NIXON SUSPENDED FROM FACEBOOK | More Worker Organizing! Peet’s Coffee | Corruption Returns Full Circle Worldwide | Can Australia Finally STAND UP to The US? | Assange Extradition +

12/7: Elon Musk Julian Assange POLL | John Bolton 2024??? | Max Blumenthal Calls Out CIA SPOOK w/ Misty Winston | New Dem Leader Jeffries Controlled By Worst of The Worst | Smith/Dore 24? +

12/6: What ELSE Could We Have Done With That $40 Billion Sent To Ukraine? | Railway Workers Sound Like Marxists | Media Hacks PILE ON Taibbi Using IDENTICAL Talking Points + more!

12/5: Jimmy Dore Visits Revolutionary Blackout to talk #TwitterFiles, Elon Musk & Matt Taibbi | Hakeem Jeffries WINS | The REAL Story Behind The War In Ukraine + more

Watch LIVE! Poisoned Water! | Peet’s Workers Organizing | SATAN News Network? | How Did We Miss That #61 | Starts at 10pm ET

What Did You Think About What Happened This Week (11-27 - 12-4)?

12/3: Orf & Matt Taibbi Censored - Insane! | Winter offensive w/Patrick Lancaster & Alex at Reporterfy | Kit Klarenberg & Primo Radical The FTX Web of Corruption + more!

12/2: Ukraine, NATO & State of the EU w/ MEP Clare Daly LIVE! | Rail Union Workers SPEAK OUT on Congress' Betrayal | Amazon Workers Worldwide Protesting Black Friday + more!

12/1: Amazon Workers Win in Court | Biden BLOCKS Railroad Workers Strike | FTX, GOP, DNC & How Money In Politics Rules The System | TRUDEAU VS. XI, Are BI’s the Way FORWARD? ZOMBIE Virus + more!

11/30: Pilots Highlight Labor Struggles Everywhere | The Guardian Could Help Assange By Retracting All The Lies It Published About Him | GERMAN AUSTERITY | KEVIN JOHNSON EXECUTION

11/29: Support Collin’s Teacher Advocacy Work with EmpowerEd #GivingTuesday Fundraiser | Indie News Network or Satan News Network? | GOP Led House to Investigate Joe & Hunter Biden +

11/28: Worldwide Amazon Black Friday Strike & Walkout | TAIWAN ELECTIONS - UKRAINE 2.0? | Russia Prepares Winter Offensive, West Runs out of Ammunition & Weapons? Ukraine out of Power? +

Watch LIVE! Pilots & Amazon Workers Speak | Orf & Matt Taibbi CENSORED | Ukraine DARK | How Did We Miss That #60 | Starts at 10pm ET

11/26: NATIONWIDE Assault on Elon's Twitter | Amazon Black Friday Strike | FBI Participation in Jan 6th | TWITTER SUSPENSION UPDATE - EU LEADERS ARE US PUPPETS | Lost On Stage starring Joe Biden +

11/25: Philadelphia DA IMPEACHED | Jon Stewart Gives Tongue Bath To War Criminals Hillary & Condi Rice | Russia Missile Strike Devastates Ukraine Energy, Gas; EU in Denial about Energy Crisis +

11/24: Media Regurgitates FAKE NEWS by US Spies, Risking WWIII w/ #Russia | #Ukraine in the Dark, No Sign of Peace Talks | National Day of MOURNING, Twitter 2.0, @MAXBLUMENTHAL Joins SABBY SABS +

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11/23: FTX SECRET Ties To Democrats/Ukraine IGNORED & CENSORED | Corp News PROTECTING Official Who Lied About Poland Bombing | GARLAND NIXON GETS PERMANENT TWITTER BAN FROM ELON MUSK, Whitney Webb +

11/22: False Flag Failure? Washington Quiets Calls for Article 5 | Worker Co-ops CHANGING The Game | FRAUD Crypto FTX Tied to WEF, Ukraine, & Top Biden Official | Redefining Gig Work? + more!

11/21: Alan MacLeod & Lee Camp: US Psyops Include Video Games, Social Media + | Jaybefaunt: DR Deports Haitians | MPD's S*** Assault | Kanye's WLM Problem | STOP The Execution of Kevin Johnson +

Fiorella Isabel | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #11 | @FiorellaIsabelM @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

Fiorella Isabel | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #11 | @FiorellaIsabelM @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

11/20: Primo Radical Interviews Whitney Webb | No, Russia Did Not Strike Poland: MSM Caught Lying | The Squad & Progressive Democrats are F*&%ED | Celebrities Under Fire For Supporting FTX Crypto +

Starting NOW!!! How Did We Miss That - INN Anniversary Edition! @GetIndieNews

11/16: People Got Played AGAIN | DONALD J TRUMP 2024 | The Return of The MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN OUR LIFETIME | Sabby Sabs visits Jimmy Dore Talking Student Debt +

11/15: US Tells Ukraine It Doesn't Need to Talk With Russia, Xi to Biden: Tensions Benefit No One | Julian Assange Activists | America Is A Mafia State Run By Democrats & Republicans

11/14: If Words Were Violence: Jimmy Dore vs Michael Moore | The Case of Kevin Johnson and for Abolition | Blinken, Sullivan Against Milley's Push for Diplomacy, US Says 17 Killed in Somalia Strike +

Watch LIVE! Ukraine - How Did We Get Here? Recapping 8 Months of Conflict | How Did We Miss That #59 Rewind | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews | Starts at 10pm ET

11/12: Student Debt Promise Broken, Biden & Election 2024, Dem FAIL On Messaging | Bedbugs, Mold & more: Starbucks NYC Store on STRIKE & Union Busting | Exposed: US meddled in Ecuador's election

11/11: How Capitalism Destroyed The Internet | Some Prisoners Don’t Even Get Healthcare in the USA | The Squad Expands | RBN on MOATS & Jimmy Dore | AOC on Breakfast Club +

11/10: Fifty Nations Just Defended The WORST Thing IMAGINABLE | CIA Agent Reveals How They Plant Lies In News Media | We Just Disagree | Stella Assange speaks out with Matt Kennard | Ukraine War +

11/9: Was NATO Planning a Preemptive Strike on Russia? | What U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) Doesn’t Want You To Know | Collin Radix-Carter on the Birth of INN News | Innocent but served 23 Years?! +

11/8: MEDICARE For All In Massachusetts? | Dems Say Not voting for Them is Undemocratic, Russiagate 2.0 Midterms, Fiorella in Moscow, Jimmy Dore | America, Keep Your HANDS OFF Haiti | What is NAFO? +

11/7: US Nuclear Forces Chief: 'Big One Coming,' Sullivan Spoke w/ Russian Officials | ELON MUSK + TWITTER = WHAT? + BOTS, BOTS, & MORE BOTS! | How Did We Miss That? | Welcome to Extra Bulla! + more!

Watch LIVE! NATO: Preemptive Strike? | Ukraine Spin | Prison Healthcare too EXPENSIVE? | Starbucks Union Update | How Did We Miss That #58 @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews | 10pm ET

11/5: Russia’s Dirty Bomb Scare | Beating Union-Busters using the NLRB | Kamala Harris CONFRONTED | Imran Khan Vows Revenge for Murder Attempt, What Russias Really Like, Ukraine w Dan Kovalik + more!

11/4: Why The US Is NOT A Democracy | Right to Stream Traffic Stops DEBATED in Court | Democrats have Denied EVERY Election loss in my lifetime! | Does more policing cause more crime? +

11/3: Europe's Self Destruction | HANDS OFF HAITI, American Gulags? AFRICOM’S BEST KEPT Secrets, Lula WINS! | Paul Pelosi: What really happened? | Fiorella Isabel: Russia's Transportation System +

11/2: Nord Stream: whodunnit? | Cory Booker Confronted By Anti-War Activists, Big Tech Censorship, There Is No Anti-War Movement | How Much Impact Will Lula Have? | The NATO Left w/ Fiorella & Misty +

11/1: You Won’t Believe It! Another $50 Billion for Ukraine? | Lack of Refinery Capacity | The Jones Act | Oil Company Profits & Russian Sanctions | Christian Walker THE Orator + more

10/31: Nord Stream Sabotage | Strategies to Fight Management | Right to Stream Traffic Stops Debated | Libs Attack Glenn Greenwald as Lula Wins | Russia’s Dirty Bomb Scare + more!

Watch LIVE 10pm ET! Nord Stream Sabotage | Strategies to Fight Management | Right to Stream Traffic Stops Debated | How Did We Miss That 57 | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

10/29: Cops ARE The Crime Wave | Private Equity Parasites: Kroger-Albertson's Merger | Why Republicans Will Kill Social Security | Ilhan Omar Confronted Supports Nazis & NATO + more!

10/28: If NATO & US Continue Provocations, Nuclear War Inevitable | Amazon Worker Walkouts on Prime Week | How Capitalism Exploits Natural Disasters + more!

10/27: Glenn Greenwald Joins RBN | Nord Stream Pipelines Sabotaged By USA, as Proxy War In Ukraine Escalates Towards Nuclear War | Meet the NEW UK PM | POTUS Weed PARDONS | Where Are the Rivers? +

Alex Rubinstein | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #10 | @RealAlexRubi @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

Alex Rubinstein | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #10 | @RealAlexRubi @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

10/26: NY TImes SHUTS DOWN U.S. Critic At “Democracy Forum” | Live Nation & Ticketmaster's Monopoly | GRANDMA ARRESTED FOR FEEDING THE UN-HOUSED + more!

10/25: Union Efforts & Organizing Labor | The Grayzone live with Roger Waters + | Biden's REVEALING Interview | How to Lose Voters? Biden talks to the youths because... +

10/24: Anti-War & War Propaganda Segment | War Critic DISAPPEARS After FBI Raid! | Alabama Prisoner Strike on Pause: Updates from Both Sides of the Wall | Marxist Hour Segment + more

Watch LIVE! Sedition? | Amazon Union LOSS + Prime Day Walkout | Ticketmaster Monopoly | Private Equity Parasites | How Did We Miss That? @HowDidWeMissTha | @GetIndieNews | Starts at 10pm ET / 7pm PT

10/22: 2nd Annual General Strike Summit | ACTIVIST EDITION DAY 1 | Adding Fluoride & Toxic Forever PFAS Chemicals to Our Water | Hungry Students | Trump Subpoenaed by 1/6 Committee +

10/21: Activists Making Right to Housing a Reality | Ukrainian Official Admits: We Blew Up the Crimea Bridge | EU BLASTS Pfizer For Hiding Data?! | Aaron Maté joins Due Dissidence +

10/20: Activists Who Rescued Dying Piglets WIN! Set Right to Rescue Precedent | Maria Butina: Message to Julian Assange & What We Should Do About Solitary | JIMMY DORE: SATAN?!?! + more

10/19: AOC Angry At Protestors & Tulsi, Biden Promises Abortion Rights, Sabby Sabs Interview | Alabama Prison Strike! | Rail Workers Vote NO!! Reject White House Brokered Contract + more!

10/18: RICHARD WOLFF DEBUNKS MYTH, GEORGIA RACE ALERT, BERNIE WARNING, JUSTICE FOR JAHEIM, LA UBI | Activism | Rampant Federal Corruption | Rail Workers Vote NO + more

Watch LIVE! Housing & Animal Activism | RAMPANT Federal Corruption | Rail Workers Vote NO | TOXIC Water | How Did We Miss That? | 10pm ET | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

10/15: @LeeCamp: About Moment of Clarity & Being Censored | Moon of Alabama on EU Making Foolhardy Move on Sanctions | The Realignment of the BERNIE COALITION | EU Pfizer Press Conference + more!

10/14: CORPORATE MEDIA TIGHTENS SCREWS ON JOURNALISTS | EU Warns Russia of 'Annihilation' If It Uses Nukes, Russia Says Open to Talks | Stop The Killing of Kevin Johnson (And Everyone Else)! +

10/13: More Details About Crimea Bridge Attack | Professional Managerial Class: Willing to Sell All of Us Out for CRUMBS! | Duopoly AGAINST Reparations, MUTUAL AID in PR, Special Ops in Ukraine? +


Watch LIVE! New Media Worker CoOp | Amazon Warehouse FIRE | Starbucks Union Crossroads | How Did We Miss That 54 | @HowDidSheMissTha Starts at 10pm ET / 7pm PT

10/9: Hands Off Assange #HandsOffAssange Live From D.C. #FreeAssange #SouroundDOJ | Defending the Atlanta Forest: Behind the Movement to Stop Cop City | Richard Medhurst Joins Jaybefaunt + more!

Watch LIVE! Indie Media Awards: Announcing the Honorees | #IndieMediaAwards | @IndieMediaAward | Starts 10pm ET / 7pm PT

10/6: #Assange News is Being Heavily Propagandized, Corporate Media working Against @Wikileaks? | Biden Is AFRAID to Answer: Did #Russia Blow Up #NordStream Pipelines? | Alabama Prison #STRIKE + more

10/5: Fast Food Workers STRIKE at San Francisco Airport WINS! | Katie Halper Is Anti-Semitic? | Prof. Richard Wolff: De-Growth & Human Survival | @FiorellaIsabelM re: the Ukrainian Kill List + more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the Indie Media Awards - Honoring Excellence in Independent News Coverage | @IndieMediaAward

10/3: AUDITING PROGRESSIVE DEMS: Let's Take a Look at Each Progressive Democrat | STRIKE at SFO WINS | #HandsOffAssange | Eva Bartlett: Hardships Donetsk DPR Citizens Face + more!

Watch LIVE Tonight! STRIKE at SFO WINS | BIG Week to Support Julian Assange | #HandsOffAssange | How Did We Miss That 53 | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews | Starts at 10pm ET

9/30: DARK BRANDON GOES FULL GANGSTER ON THE EU | FIRED Amazon Employees Tell Their Stories | "Rigged" Election Claims - Trump 2020 vs Clinton 2016 | Why Is Everything Turning Into Uber? +

9/29: Sending BILLIONS to Ukraine while clearing homeless encampments at home | #BernieorBust, again? | Russell Brand Censored! | 2 brothers DIE at BP refinery | @FiorellaIsabelM on #JulianAssange +

9/28: WHO ATTACKED GERMANY'S INFRASTRUCTURE? | MORE Starbucks Illegal Behavior vs Union Workers | FIRED Amazon Workers Speak | Biden Doubles Down on Taiwan | Italy Elects A Fascist + more!

9/27: Rail Workers’ Strike: WTF Happened? | Why Are People in Ukraine Voting to Join Russia? | ASSANGE: HANDS OFF! | Fiorella Isabel on her Journey to Becoming an Independent Journalist + more

9/26: Starbucks Illegal Behavior | Rail Workers Strike | Organized Labor Broken? | UK Guardian Reports Shocking Levels of Toxic Lead in Chicago's Water | Russia Says Not Threatening With Nukes +

9/25: UPS Workers Put In Dangerous Conditions / UPS Strike Imminent? | The West Doesn’t Care About Armenia, They Care About Gas | Congressman & Bankers Laugh About How Corrupt They Are ON CAMERA! +

Watch LIVE! Starbucks Illegal Behavior | Rail Workers Strike | Organized Labor Broken? | How Did We Miss That 52 | @HowDidWeMissTha - Starts at 10pm ET / 7pm PT

9/23: Amazon Fulfillment Center Organizers Talk w/ INN | LDS Church & Utah Welfare system/Amazon Hires ex-private prison executive | Minneapolis PD Decide to Use Drones Despite Community Distrust +

9/21: Railroad Strike? Pentagon Bot Farm, #DeSantis' Human Trafficking | #INN Co Founder Collin Radix Carter Discusses Amazon Labor Union Concerns | #Israel Really Doesn't Want You To Know This + more

9/20: Rail Workers’ OPPOSITION BUILDS to Sellout Deal, Blocking National Strike | Minor Leaguers FIGHT Back | Independent, Democratic Unions: A Path Forward for Workers? | American U Student Strike!

9/19: War on Journalism! | HOMELESSNESS: The Stain of Capitalism | How Did We Miss That #51 | Whitney Webb Explains Epstein’s Blackmail History | Truckers Barred from Protesting | INN Article on ALU

Watch LIVE! Climate Polluters MUST PAY | Independent Unions | Twitter Whistleblower | How Did We Miss That 51 | @HowDidWeMissTha - Starts at 10pm ET / 7pm PT

9/16: @Amazon Safety Chief Resigns, Politician STABS Journalist, Inflation Continues | #HillaryClinton EXPOSED Once Again on Libya | Maximillian Alvarez on The Work Of Living & A Railworker Update +

9/15: INN EXCLUSIVE: Amazon Labor Union & Chris Smalls: Sadly, Many Red Flags | Ukrainian War Crimes Exposed | Trailer Park Pundit - Craig Pasta Jardula | Queen’s Death, British Colonialism +

Amazon Labor Union & Chris Smalls: Sadly, Many Red Flags

Watch LIVE! Fiorella Isabel | Friends of Indie Left #11 | @FiorellaIsabelM @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

9/12: Amazon Labor Stories Clip Show | Ukraine Gains in Counteroffensive, Israel Says No Iran Deal Before US Midterms | Russell Brand was WRONG | Iran Does Not Compete w Russia in Energy Production +

Watch LIVE! Amazon Labor Stories Clip Show! | How Did We Miss That #50 | @HowDidWeMissTha | Sunday Night 10pm ET / 7pm PT @AmazonLabor

9/10: Democrats IN FAVOR of DARK MONEY | What Does It Take For Progressives to EXIT the Democratic Party? | Pipeline Company Paid Cops To Arrest Protesters | Energy Crisis in the UK, Guess Why?

9/9: The Queen has Expired | Are Democrats REALLY Any Better Than Republicans? | Camp Dada, LEAKED Oathkeeper Documents, Labor Protests | Workers Dying At Amazon, Seattle Teacher STRIKE! + more

9/8: Largest Private Sector Nurses Strike in US History? | Russia Cuts Gas to Europe, Euro Plunges | More US Cities Have To Boil Water! | Lowkey & Economist Dr. Richard Wolff! + more

9/7: Erin Brockovich on the #Jackson, #Mississippi Water Crisis | NEWSWEEK FREAKS OUT OVER GARLAND NIXON'S TWITTER POST | Teachers' Union in Ohio Went on Strike for Students—and Won + more

9/5: Who Can You Find on Independent Left News? | Americans Love Labor. Now What? | Are You Dying for Your Country or the Rich? | Climate Crisis: PAKISTAN | "Pro Choice" Republicans 🙄😒 + more!

Watch LIVE! Striking Teachers & Nurses | Pakistan Floods | Jackson, MS: No Water! | How Did We Miss That #49 @HowDidWeMissTha | Sunday Night 10pm ET / 7pm PT

9/2: Capital Of Mississippi Has NO CLEAN WATER – Indefinitely! | How Capitalism Robs the Developing World | Amazon Buys OneMedical in HUGE Doctor/Healthcare Data Play | Can the Rust Belt Be Saved? +

9/1: REAL Reason the US Wanted #ImranKhan Out | Fracking Leads to Increased Risk of #Childhood #Leukemia?! | The Ruling Class HATES Workers | Kim Iversen’s “Bad Take” On Transgender Top Surgery + more

8/31: Whitney Webb: New Book on Epstein/Wexner | #ImranKhan Charged Under ”Terrorism Act” | Arizona Sherriff’s GROSS #Incompetence | Our Fore-Fathers: The Wokest of Them All/DeSantis & Schools +

US Hints at Military Option vs Iran, US Warships Transit Taiwan Strait | AZ Sheriff Drags Feet | Fracking=>Leukemia? | Amazon-OneMedical | Iran Nuclear Deal, US Strikes Syria | They Said WHAT?! + more

Watch LIVE! Ukraine Update | AZ Sherriff Drags Feet on Backlog | Fracking=Leukemia? | Amazon Buying OneMedical | How Did We Miss That #48 | 10pm ET / 7pm PT | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews

Starbucks Ordered to Re-Hire Memphis 7 | How Blackmail controls the United States / Whitney Webb | Assange Updates: CIA Agent CONVICTED, Billboards, DC Event Oct 8th | Capitalism Is Destroying Us! +

Amazon Union Updates - Albany Files, KY Organizer FIRED | MSM VS Grayzone/Odysee/Russell Brand, Bush Jr. Is A Teacher, Biden Gives Breadcrumbs Of Student Debt | Fauci Resigns + much more!

Politico Calls Out Ukraine For War Crimes! | Starbucks & Amazon Union Updates, Julian Assange Extradition | FBI Raids Trump's House as He Faces Espionage Act Charges + more

LIVE!! Starbucks & Amazon Union Updates (good & bad), Julian Assange Extradition News | How Did We Miss That #47

Franc Analysis | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #9 | @b43franco @IndeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

Franc Analysis | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #9 | @b43franco @IndeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

Amazon Workers: URGENT UNITY Appeal Against Union Busting! | #CIA, #Pompeo Sued for Illegally Spying on #Assange | China & Opposition to the Western Agenda Different Perspectives +

Collin Rants on the IRA Bill | Briahna: Bernie Abandoned The Movement, TYT Fails To Smear Jimmy Dore, Banks Sisters | Culver's Employee SPEAKS OUT! | Ukraine Using BANNED Petal Mines in Donetsk +

Petal Mines in Ukraine, Les Wexner, Supporting Unionizing Workers in Multiple Industries | Another Reason Why You Can’t Trust CIA | Ask Prof Wolff: Journalist Co-Ops - An Antidote to Corrupt Media?

Watch LIVE! ILLEGAL Petal Mines Placed By Ukraine, Les Wexner Book Excerpt, Cracker Barrel/Impossible Meat, Supporting Unionizing Workers in Multiple Industries | How Did We Miss That #46 | 10pm ET

CBS Censors Its Own Ukraine Story, Colombia Coup Danger, Bonds w Cuba, West Sahara | Prof. Richard Wolff on Invisible Crisis & Rays of Hope | LIBERALS are Cucks for Empire-Attack of the Chihuahuas! +

Whitney Webb Dismantles the Epstein Network | Whistleblower Fired by Equifax for... Integrity?! | Solutions We Can Replicate! | Activists & Streaming | Why Peaceful Protest Won't Solve Anything +

.@KimIversenShow: PROOF! IRS Expansion Of 87k NEW Agents- Targeting Middle Class Americans? | @Jimmy_Dore Responds to @NinaTurner, #Trump #FBI Raid Distraction Politics | New Show! Trailer Park Pundit

Economist Richard Wolff & Lee Camp! | Eva Bartlett: Exposing the TRUTH in Ukraine | Chicago Orgs Come Together to Force Release of Chicago Police Torture Survivors | Francesca Albanese on Gaza + more

Roger Waters Blames US for Ukraine War, Petro Inaugurated, Inflation Act, Kim Iversen | THE POLITICS OF WOKE - (REBRANDING IDEOLOGY AND CULTURE) | Amnesty: Ukraine Using Civilians As Human Shields

Watch LIVE! Whistleblowers at CIA & Equifax | NYC Defunding Special Education | What Fighting for Healthcare Means | How Did We Miss That #45 @HowDidWeMissTha

Pelosi Endorses GUTTING Worker Protections | Meet the Ex-CIA Employees at Google | Kim Iversen CALLS OUT Rising, Protesters Silenced, China Sanctions Post-Pelosi Visit | JESSE VENTURA Joins SABBY SABS

Watch LIVE! Alex Rubinstein | Friends of Indie Left #10 | @RealAlexRubi @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL | 3pm ET

Radical Leftist Agenda | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #8 | @_____rla @IndeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

Radical Leftist Agenda | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #8 | @_____rla @IndeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

Can Progressive Democrats Meet The Moment? | Ro Khanna BLAMES Jill Stein (Interview Clip) | What Should Healthcare Look Like? | Abusive EVICTION Tactics by Corporate Landlords During COVID +

Nancy Pelosi Risks War with China by Arriving in Taiwan | How Co-ops Deal with Inequality - All Things Co-op | China Responds to Pelosi Provocation, Yemen Truce Extended Two Months +

NATO Troll Farm Threatens Anti-Imperialist TWITTER | Nancy Pelosi #Taiwan Visit | TOP GUN: Hollywood Is US Military Favorite Propaganda Tool | Liberals Having Meltdowns Over 3rd Parties! Water Drones!

Yang's Forward Party GRIFT | CIA Infiltrates Google, $1B in Guns, COVID Evictions, Trader Joe's Union | Marcus Cage Talks with Steve Poikonen | Educator Strike Wins in MA! How Did They Do It? +

March for Medicare for All in Washington, DC | Reporters on a Kill List | Origins of The Illuminati | Kim Iversen: Why I'm No Longer On The Hill's Rising | Ukraine Blacklist | Powerless by Jesse Jett

Watch LIVE! 10pm ET: CIA Infiltrates Google, $1B in Guns, COVID Evictions, Trader Joe's Union | How Did We Miss That #44 @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews

Watch LIVE! Franc Analysis | Friends of Indie Left #9 | @b43franco @IndeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL at 3pm ET / 12pm PT

BBC Caught Copying Story Directly From British Military | New World Order Emerging? | Pelosi Goes to Taiwan | Ro Khanna Battered and Bruised from his Interview with Sabrina Salvati + more

West Looting & Keeping Global South Poor | Vote Shaming 2022 | Holding Politicians Accountable | Ukraine Gov Publishes Blacklist Of “Bad” Journalists | Colonial Pipeline HUGE Spill & Neglect +: 7/27

CIA US Meddles in Elections For Good Cause, Putin Says Americans Being Lied To, AP Nazi Deal, Trudeau | AOC: M4ALL, Not Now | NATO Truth on CNN | Democrats Are FUNDING Radical Republicans!

Matt Taibbi: The NY Times as the American Pravda | Caught On Tape: MSM Journalist Exposed! | Election Rigging in America; Ways to Opt Out of the System | Truth About Ukraine SLIPS OUT On CNN + | 7/25

WATCH LIVE! BIGGEST PIPELINE SPILL in US HISTORY | Corbyn was RIGHT: Gordon Dimmack | Worker Strike Wins in MA | BRICS vs. NATO | How Did We Miss That #43 @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews

Inside airport workers' fight for dignity and livable wages | It Just KEEPS Happening - Corporations Are Terrified! | Turkey Brokers Deal w/ Russia-Ukraine, CIA: ”Putin’s Too Healthy,” + more!

Why Would Anyone Work Under Socialism? | "All of the Stolen Oil Has to Be Returned" | Real Resources & Geopolitical Reality w/ Vanessa Beeley | NATO SQUAD - If You Support NATO, You Are RIGHT WING +

Starbucks & Amazon vs. Workers! | Can NLRB SAVE Amazon?, AFT INVITES Elites, Europe BURNS, House Staffers FORM Union | Ex-CIA Agents Are Censoring You On Facebook | Syria update, Idlib +

The World Is Waking Up, But the U.S Is Still Sleeping | Pipeline LEAKING AGAIN! | Chris Hedges PROVES Ralph Nader Is BASED | Red Hill Jet Fuel LEAKING VIDEO! + more

Jimmy Dore & US Presidents Since Reagan, Bernie v Manchin, Europe Heat Wave | Biden, Iran, Israel, Saudis, Biden Shuns Shireen Abu-Akleh Family, Pasta vs Anti-Socialists | Justice Dems Take Dark $? +

Who's the West REALLY Fighting? | Kit Klarenberg: How CIA Laid Foundations for Ukraine War | Richard Wolff & Lex Fridman talk Marxism & Communism | Biden SNAPS At Reporter Over Low Poll Numbers +

Watch LIVE! Starbucks & Amazon: Corporate vs Workers | Jaegerbombs!! Colonial Pipeline & Justice Dems | 10pm ET | How Did We Miss That #42 @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @reefBreland @GetIndieNews

Forever Chemicals In America's Drinking Water! | Starbucks Escalates War on Unions with Store Closures | Iran Nuclear Deal: Where Is It Going? | Russia’s Involvement | Hit Piece Targets Journalists +

Western Self-Created Atmosphere of FEAR | Biden, Iran, Israel, Saudis, Biden Shuns Shireen Abu-Akleh Family, Police, Schulte w/ Garland Nixon | Joe Biden BLAMES Activists | What is Camp Dada?

Misty Winston: Arresting a Journalist for Doing Journalism | How Do Politicians Keep Getting So Rich? | How Trump & John Bolton attempted a COUP in Venezuela + more!

VERDICT: Programmer Found GUILTY Of Leaking CIA Hacking Materials To WikiLeaks | Is the American Century Over? | The Hill‘s Rising Panel on Macy Gray & Bette Midler/ Trans Rights & Language + more!

CHRIS HEDGES & OLAYEMI OLURIN JOIN SABBY SABS, DEMS REJECTING JOE BIDEN | 4CHAN Hacks Into Hunter Biden's Laptop & FBI Does Nothing | Common Sense Is a Crime These Days | Fiorella AMA in Moscow +

Key Takeaways from BRICS Summit | This Is How The World Will End | Crime and Politics - Demands | End of Cheap Russian Energy Pushes the EU to the Brink | VIRAL Vid HELPS Burger King Employee + more

Jaybefaunt | James Fauntleroy | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #FOIL | @Jaybefaunt @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Jaybefaunt | James Fauntleroy | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #FOIL | @Jaybefaunt @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Antagonizing China: More Behind It Than You Think! | INN Rando Roundtable | Dutch Farmer Brags About Spraying Sh*t On Gov. Buildings | Why Americans Won't REVOLT | Role Of Comedy Calling Out Hypocrisy

Abe Assassinated, Revolts in Europe, BoJo Resigns, Jayland Walker | “International Liberal World Order” | Lawyer Tries to BRIBE Boston Cop! | OWNED by Big Pharma! | @Jimmy_Dore Returns To Chicago +

Why You Can't REFORM The Supreme Court | New Law Makes INSANE Thing Illegal! | #Ukrainians Are Being USED by NATO | Ongoing Proxy War | JUSTICE For Jayland Walker | Dutch Farmers Protest with Manure +

UK refuses to say Saudi Arabia is authoritarian, while demonizing China & Russia | Dutch Farmers PROTEST, Reef CURES Cancer, AMLO PUNKS Biden | Lancet Chair: Covid “Came Out Of A US Lab Biotechnology”

UK Intel-Linked Plots Against Journalists, Academics | There’s No Fixing This | March for Medicare for All July 30th | Reformists TURN on Dems | Trump DeSantis '24 | Highland Park Shooting +

LIVE Tonight @ 10pm ET! BRICS Summit | Tax-Avoiding Billionaires | US EXTREME Court | PreCrime | How Did We Miss That? Ep 41 @IndLeftNews @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews #INN

Dems Ban 3rd Parties From Running (And More) | Guaidó - Failed US Coup in Venezuela | TUCKER CARLSON IS AN IMPERIALIST, VOTERS WANT BIDEN OUT, AOC CRINGE | Ugandan Gold, NY Gun Law, Baby Mama Drama +

The Case For EXITING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY | Russia Accused Of Bombing Shopping Mall w/ 1000 People Inside | Goldman Sachs & BRICS: The "Non-Aligned" Movement | Journalists on Kill Lists Overseas +

Fiorella Isabel Joins RBN | #Ukraine War | U.S. Empire Decline | South America Elections | Cops Attacked a Man & His DOG! | Briahna Joy Gray & Kim Iversen Debate, R. Kelly & Ghislaine + more

Krystal Ball joins Bill Maher | Help #FundOurFight in Washington D.C. July 30th - Fundraiser for #M4M4ALL | Ana Kasparian’s Jimmy Dore Impression Is Amazing! COMMON ways of CLASS INDOCTRINATION

CIA Spies In Ukraine Running War! | What Roe v Wade Is REALLY About | 4th Amendment Concerns | The MANAGERIAL LEFT: Rationalizing SELLING OUT the WORKING CLASS | Hillary might run in 2024, Hope So!

Why Are Cuba & Russia "Regimes" But Not the US? | Why Jimmy Dore Was Right The Whole Time | Uvalde Police Harass Hero | Indie from INN exposes another BOMBSHELL about Breaking Points + more!

LIVE Tonight! Julian Assange: SET UP by Guardian & NYT | Roe v Wade Impact: Republican AGs | A Few Mashups by @STFUshitlib Joe | How Did We Miss That Ep 40: 10pm ET / 7pm PT

Richard Wolff & Krystal Ball: RIGHT-WING Shift In America | Biden’s Most Honest Moment, Ruble Highest Value, Russia Won? Ecuador National Strike | CRITIQUE on Great Replacement + more

Joe Biden vs. Joe Biden: War Edition | What Does Class Solidarity Look Like | The Ratchet Effect | Medicare For All...STATES vs. NATIONAL Discussion | Disinformation Industry Launched by Hillary

YouTube Censoring Voices Supporting Julian Assange | Democrats & Biden Indifferent To Americans Struggling with Inflation | Why Arming Extremists in Ukraine Is Not a Good Idea | Where's the $$ Going?

Smear Campaign Against Independent Journalism | Genesis of Justice Democrat's FAILED strategy | Ukraine's Kill List & What Western Media Ignores About Donetsk Civilians w/ Eva Bartlett + more

Watch LIVE! #FreeJulianAssangeNOW! Father's Day 2022 No Extradition! How Did We Miss That? Special Episode 39: @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews #GetINN

Injustice for #JulianAssange is US Defilement of Truth | #Biden Can't Stop Funding #Genocides | #Ukrainians Selling Weapons Supplied by the US & NATO on Darknet | #Assange Extradition Press Briefing +

Medicare for All Could Have Saved 338,000 Lives During Covid | FPA Press Conference: Priti Patel discloses decision for Assange's extradition | Ukraine Bombarded Donetsk, Then Claimed Russian Did It

Jimmy Dore For PRESIDENT | INN 1-on-1 - Robert Durden & Indie Left | Patriot Front are FEDS? | Russian Oil Revenue SOARS After Sanctions | How the Press Helps Hide Target’s Harm | INN News Ep 12

INN Investigating Breaking Points' "Pseudo Network" | Exposing Paul Mason's secret spy plot to destroy The Grayzone | Jaybefaunt Special Announcement | Bilderberg Group Meeting Discovered +

#SummitOfTheAmericas fails: Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras Boycott | Sport & Politics Don’t Mix Unless It’s in Favor of #Ukraine | #BreakingPoints "Network" is Full of Oligarch-Affiliates and Neo-Cons +

Watch LIVE! Breaking Points | People’s Summit LA | 100+ Starbucks Unions Now | How To Cancel Student Debt | How Did We Miss That Ep 37 | 10pm ET / 7pm PT | @GetIndieNews @HowDidWeMissTha

MORE Debunking Propaganda from American Based in #Ukraine | Misty Winston on the Persecution of Julian Assange | How Personality Cults Prevent Real Change | Iran Weeks Away From Nuclear Bomb... AGAIN!

Ralph Nader Was RIGHT! | PANEL: What Do We Do About Gun Violence in the US? | Too Soon? Beto O’Rourke Interrupts in TX & Twitter Talks Gun Culture Effects | Russia Cuts Gas to Germany, Netherlands +

Why Black America Should Break Up With The Democratic Party | Postmortem Breakdown- Memorial Day Imperialism Edition | U.S.-Somalia Hypocrisy | Excluding 3rd parties from debates is Duopoly 101

LIVE! Tonight at 10pm ET #MemorialDayWeekend Best Of How Did We Miss That - Ep 36 | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland

Hillary's Russian Disinfo | Trump Alfa-Bank Conspiracy Theory | LA’s Water Shortage Emergency | What's the Best Thing We Can Do? | The World Economic Forum is an Actual Conspiracy

Intel-gate exposed, Nina's disinfo board 'paused' w/ Ray McGovern | Who The U.S. Will Coup Next! | Cynthia McKinney CALLS OUT Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden & Maxine Waters + more

Kamala Harris - Master Orator | ELECTORAL POLITICS IS DEAD w/ Briahna Joy Gray | Bernie Sanders, Kshama Sawant, AOC, Obama | RUSSIAGATE: Hillary Clinton Caught LYING | Cross Platform Data Sharing +

US Regime Change & Begging Venezuela for Oil | CIA plotted to blame Cuba for false-flag terrorist attacks | Nick Cruse vs Destiny DEBATE | Brexit Coup & Assange Extradition / Priti Patel Conflicts +

NBC's War Games Exercise | U.S. Provocations Over Taiwan Risk War w/ China | Viral Video Of MSNBC Host’s Lies | NATO Manufacturing Consent & Propaganda in #Ukraine |

Fetterman...Not PROGRESSIVE? | Fiorella Isabel on DeSantis Anti Free Speech, Political Influencers & the Fall of The Empire | MPN exposes Jankowicz’s ties to British PsyOp + more!

Watch LIVE! #NATO Manufacturing Consent & Propaganda in #Ukraine | 40% In the Ground | How Did We Miss That Ep 35 | @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews

Fired Amazon Organizer Speaks Out #TristanLion | @DavidSirota...Nihilistic or REALISTIC About Strategy? | Senate, Sanders, Approve $40B for #Ukraine, #GWBush Tells on Himself, #Somalia Invasion?

US Meets w/ Turkey, Will Sweden & Finland NATO Membership be Stopped? w/ Ray McGovern | How Consulting Firms Secretly Run Entire Countries | Baby Formula Shortage | Jimmy Dore joins Jaybefaunt + more!

How Will We Know When a Movement is Co-Opted? | ‘Anti-war’ Democrats Are Frauds | Summit of Americas: Region Says NO to Exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua | Azovstal Falls, Finland, Sweden NATO +

The Outsider's View | Buffalo Shooter Ties to Azov Belief, Manifesto, Parties Owned By MIC, Imran Khan Fears, Assange | Organizing Against the Student Loan Crisis | Biden Sends More Troops to Somalia

Protesters march through #Atlanta to "Stop Cop City" | Tara Reade on #Buffalo shooting | Biden Issues More Directives on #Ukraine Than All Domestic Policy Combined | Activism for #JulianAssange, +

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US Economy Already Collapsing? | Russian - Ukraine War: Civilians Under Fire Everyday (Special Report) | Len Harris Discusses Her Starbucks Union Victory | Buffalo Mass Shooting, Shireen Abu Aqleh +

CIA Planned to Kidnap Ukrainian Dissidents | Israel Attacks Funeral of Slain Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh | Progressive Gate Keepers | AOC & Squad For Military Spend, Sen. Paul Kills $40B bill

United States of Raytheon?! | Pandemic Profits NOT Flowing to Workers | RBN Roundtable | Oh, So It’s Just Bullsh*t Then? | Fiorella Isabel: How Abortion is Used to Divide Us | US Anti-China Behavior +

Abby Martin & Briahna Joy Gray on BIG TECH Censorship | Personally, We’re Sick of Boutique Leftists | Would the PRO Act be Good for Workers? | Role of Capitalism in the War in Ukraine, Narrative +

Al Jazeera Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh Shot Dead by IDF Sniper | Amazon Union Updates | TRUTH About 'The Great Reset' | Politics of The Duopoly w/ Ryan Knight & Rome Bethea | $40B to Ukraine + more

Dems Trying to Co-Opt Amazon Labor Union | Argentina to attend BRICS summits, at China's invitation, steps toward 'formal entry' | Banks Sisters Livestream | Biden's New Press Secretary & "Diversity"

Comrade Misty Winston | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #FOIL | @SarcasmStardust @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Comrade Misty Winston | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #FOIL | @SarcasmStardust @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

You Can’t Say That on YOUTUBE! | Expatriate Episode 1: Factors To Consider | Unicorn Riot's New Podcast DEBUTS! | Moon of Alabama #Ukraine SitRep Update | Economist Michael Hudson & Ben Norton talk +

#Biden Gives @Amazon Contract Despite Photo Op | US Intel Helped Sink Russian Ship | #Democrats Lose Rural Voters | Insane #Censorship of Anti War #Journalists | Friends of Indie Left w/ @Jaybefaunt

#Pelosi & #Clyburn ENDORSE Pro-lifer, #JENPSAKI STEPS DOWN | @PRIMORADICAL: Mnar Adley, @MintPress News | @Jimmy_Dore RIGHT To Call Out @TYT & Dem Hypocrisy? | @Multipolarista channel has moved +

Watch LIVE! @JayBefaunt | Friends of Indie Left Ep 7 | #FOIL @RevBlackNetwork @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

#Socialism for Absolute Beginners | LIVE: #Paypal Bans #MintPress, Consortium & several indie journalists | Game, Set, BAN: Russian Tennis Players Banned From #Wimbledon | Ukraine Russia & False Flags

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Coincidence? #FoodShortage & Multiple Food Processing Plants on Fire | How Did the #Azov Brigade Rise to Power in #Ukraine? Ft. @GonzaloLira1968 | Colorado #Starbucks #Unionizers : Len + Maria + more!

Afeni @reddisari at the #SupremeCourt! #RoeVWade | Caitlin Johnstone @caitoz: Hypocrisy of Extraditing #JulianAssange | @PRIMORADICAL #267: @MaxBlumenthal | #FrancAnalysis @B43Franco LIVE Panel + more

#Protests LIVE from The US #SupremeCourt #RoeVsWade | #Sweden: No Referendum on #NATO Membership | @LeeCamp: I'm Done Running | New AUMF for #Ukraine, @PayPal Bans @ConsortiumNews + more

Union News, Corporate Profiteering, Propaganda, Open Internet Gaslight | Ryan Knight: Excluding 3rd parties from debates is Duopoly 101 | Kshama Sawant FIGHTING The Machine + more

Watch LIVE! Union News, Corporate Profiteering, Propaganda, Free Internet Gaslight | How Did We Miss That Ep 33 @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews 5/1 10pm ET

#PatrickLyoya EXECUTED by Grand Rapids Officer | Revolutionary Blackout Anti Imperialist Summit | Partisan Hack to Head Biden's Ministry of Truth | #NATO = Organized Stupidity!

Trump Ruined Lying! Says NBC Policy Expert | Lee Camp & Dan Cohen In-Depth on A World In Crisis | Obama on Propaganda Tour | Kshama Calls Out AOC, Nina, Bernie | Biden Cancels Student Debt +

#Biden’s USELESS Executive Order | Weapons 4 #Ukraine (& Military Industrial Complex) @0rf | Have We Learned Nothing? @AOC & @BernieSanders Photo Op w/ Amazon Labor Union @AmazonLabor #ALU


#GonzaloLira SPEAKS OUT | The Chris Hedges Report | "Shepherd of Hopes" Performed by @Jesse_Jett | @AmazonLabor Union Fights for Workers | Indie enters The Political Matrix + more

Watch LIVE! Protests, #Ukraine, #AssangeExtradition, Corporate Greed, #AlAqsa, #Apple Store #Union | How Did We Miss That? Ep 32 @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Democracy dies in dumbness, w/ Garland Nixon | Gonzalo Lira ALIVE! #WhereisGonzaloLira | McDonald's $3.4 Billion IOU To Itself | Bernie AGAIN, CNN+ Done, Is Putin vs TGR?, $3.4B to Ukraine + more

RUSSELL BRAND SUPPORTS @ELONMUSK, SCHUMER v. BIDEN, COPS ARREST A CHILD | EWF Hack, @SabbySabs2 on 🔥, The CLASS Issue, #MalcolmNance | #RBN talks #SamSeder, @JacksonHinklle, Red-Brown Alliance Myth+

BREAKING: UK Orders Extradition of #JulianAssange to US | #GonzaloLira: Chilean American journalist MISSING in #Ukraine | Discussing Censorship w/ @KitKlarenberg | We NEED to talk about #JoeBiden 😳

Zelensky Allowed for War Crimes, Where is Gonzalo Lira, guest Dan Cohen, WHO Expands Powers | SHOCKING: Journalist Finds US Troops Running Ukraine Volunteers | Starbucks Unions EXPANDING +

Biden LIES About ‘Putin’s Price Hike’ | Yemen, #PatrickLyoya, Co-Ops | Marcus Cage Interview with @CarlZha | Cosplaying Left aka "Reformist Progressives” | Donating to Justice Dems: Fool’s Errand +

Comrade Misty Winston | Friends of Indie Left | @SarcasmStardust @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews | Watch LIVE! 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT

Donbass Shelling Western Corporate Media IGNORES | AOC REFUSES to Criticize Nancy Pelosi | A MILITANT "Inside" Game for Leftists | Nina Turner BETRAYED By Progressive Dems, Endorse Corporatist Instead

Kit Cabello | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #FOIL | @KitCabello @HardLensMedia @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

NYC Shooter A False Flag To Justify More Cop Funding? | Is This the End of the Petrodollar? | "KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT!" when trying to start a Union. The REPERCUSSIONS of Organizing Unions + more!

The Chris Hedges Report w/ Dr. Cornel West | Tara Reade: America always more money for war but not working families | What If We Just...Stopped Working?: Second Thought | Etsy & Grad Student Strikes +

You Can't Talk About #Ukraine Without Factoring in #Geopolitics | @AmazonLabor - How Will They Attack the #WorkersUnion? | @ProfWolff WARNING | How EU sanctions affect the New Paradigm + more

Chris Hedges REVEALS Defense Connection | They ACTUALLY Admitted They're Lying To You! | Bellingcat at it again! | #DefundThePolice More Popular Than You Think | The End of Western Hegemony + more

Comedians & Activists Stand Up For #Assange | #Pakistani PM #Khan Ousted in US Coup | @AmazonLabor #Union Victorious! | @MaxBlumenthal slams the corporate state | Afeni @reddisari joins @Jaybefaunt

End The Damn Wars Protest in DC | Sabby Sabs & Jill Stein on the Revolutionary Blackout Network, #Assange + | Dem #Insulin Bill will only help 1 out of 4 Users, Possibly Increasing Premium Costs +

Watch LIVE! Global Climate Activism | Microplastic in Lungs | Biden’s 2023 Budget | How Did We Miss That Ep 31 | @IndLeftNews | @ReefBreland | @HowDidWeMissTha | @GetIndieNews

#USA Admits LYING About #Russia | Master of Drone Strikes #Obama Brags About His Achievements | NOMIKI KONST ATTACKS Krystal Ball, Jimmy Dore & Aaron Mate, Stelter GRILLED, IndieLeft joins Sabby Sabs+

How US Weaponized Ukraine | Elon Musk Twitter | #Yemen Siege | Why #MeansTesting Is A Terrible Idea | MPN article breaks down #Ukraine #Propaganda: PR firms, Troll Farms & Ministry +

WW3? Journalists Pushing Direct Confrontation w/ #Russia | Tara Reade Health Update | What is Independent Left News? | Fight For #StudentLoanDebt Cancellation w/ Afeni | U.S. Most Propagandized +

How Will Europe Pay for Russian Gas? | @Jimmy_Dore DESTROYS #MaxineWaters after she tells Homeless "GO HOME" | Origins of Ukraine’s Fascists & Why It Matters | Indie on Misty's @TNTRadioLive Show Clip

The Progressive Misleadership Class (w/ Chris Hedges) | Amazon Union Inspiring A Revolution in Worker's Rights | Kamala WORD SALAD Interview | First the US Destroyed Syria, Now They're Starving It

#StudentDebtCancellation action DC! | #AmazonWorkers WIN Union Representation! | War Is Good for Business & #Ukraine is a Cash Cow | NATO #Sanctions Destroying the Dollar | Is Russia's Invasion Legal?

Watch LIVE! #Ukraine | The #Environment | #PoliceBrutality | #DarkMoney & #Corruption | Workers | How Did We Miss That Ep 30 @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

Ryan Knight: Ds & Rs the EXACT SAME | Gas Cos Use #Ukraine War For RECORD PROFITS | Is #Zelensky Still in Ukraine? | The "#GreenScreenConspiracy” | The Corbett Report is NOT on YouTube + more!

#Amazon Workers Force Their #Union Into Reality, @AOC Pretends She Was There | #PeaceCorps WARNS Black Volunteers About #Racist #Ukranians | Saudi Siege of #Yemen: World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis +

Independents Now LARGEST Voter Group in USA! | @ChrisLynnHedges & @LeeCamp on Censorship | If #TheSquad was replaced by Corporate Dems, There would be ZERO legislative difference + more

BBC Whitewashes NEO-NAZ|S in Ukraine | Excluding 3rd parties from debates is Duopoly 101 | The culture of the ruling class is crashing | Why Is India Going On A General Strike On March 28-29? +

Watch LIVE! #Independents Rising | #Starbucks Union | The Future of Work | #Antarctica | How Did We Miss That Ep 29 | @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews @HowDidWeMissTha

Society is Collapsing. How do y’all feel about it? | The elites are getting paid; #HunterBiden is the rule, not the exception | #Pentagon Drops Truth Bombs to Stave Off War With #Russia | Antarctica!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Independent Left News @IndLeftNews & Tara Reade @ReadeAlexandra , Two INN Member Creators, Launch New Channels on Rokfin; an exclusive Video, Podcast & Blogging Platform

Disillusioned With Dems and GOP, Independents Now LARGEST Voter Group in the US | How Fascists Are Taking Advantage Of Climate Change | Putin Demands Gas Payments in Rubles | #Ukraine Insanity! + more

Energy Profiteering in #Ukraine | France freezes Russian Assets, Colombia Elections | #Starbucks Workers Unanimously Vote to Form Union in Seattle, Company’s Hometown | A Day Of Visibility For Water +

ETHNIC WOMEN'S LIBERATION - DATING | Yellow Vest Actions' Eric Kestner Update From DC | BREAKING: Zelensky Bans 11 Opposition Parties | Robots are coming for white-collar jobs + more!

Watch LIVE! Energy Profiteering in #Ukraine | Propaganda & Narrative Management + more! | How Did We Miss That Ep 28 | @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews

3rd Party Candidate Summit DAY 3 | Biden Gives $800 Million to Ukraine, 1 Billion in 1 Week | Former U.S. Generals Are Calling For a No-Fly Zone | Private Equity's Increasing Grip on Home Health +

Kit Cabello | Friends of Indie Left | @KitCabello @HardLensMedia @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews | Watch LIVE! 9:30pm ET Saturday 3/19/22

Kamala & Pelosi Attempt To Explain Ukraine FAIL | @RevBlackNetwork 3rd Party Candidate Summit | 'Worse Than Texas': Extreme Anti-Choice Bills Advance in Multiple States | F1 Racing's hypocrisy problem

More Pro-War Propaganda & Nuland admits to BioResearch labs in #Ukraine? | The Chris Hedges Report | NYT Now Admits the #Biden Laptop -- Falsely Called "Russian Disinformation" -- is Authentic +

#Ukraine BOMBS Center of Donetsk, Killing Civilians | Biggest Oil Giants Made 'Eye-Popping' $205B Profit in '21 | Minneapolis Teachers Strike Enters Week 2 | Congress Candidates Spend $100M of OWN $!

Media Covers #Ukraine 400X More Than Other Violent Conflicts: Why? | #Assange Denied Permission to Appeal to Supreme Court | Lessons from an Unnecessary War | Glory Jones joins @Jaybefaunt + more!

VP Kamala Harris' Bizarre WORD SALAD on #Ukraine | U.S. Empire is Circling the Drain | Urgent Need for Rational Resolutions, Rather than Irrational Escalations | Corps Using Inflation as a Cover +

Are There #Biolabs? Or Not? | 3 Days of a National #MedicareForAll Online Summit Wraps Today! | TikTokkers meet with White House Staff | Latin America REJECTING U.S. Assistance? + much more!

Co-Hosting #NIM4ALLsummit on all our channels! Watch all the coverage from Friday & Saturday! Tune in Sunday starting at noon ET for another full day of panels!

Margaret Kimberley Joins Revolutionary Blackout | Former NATO Soldier DESTROYS Official Ukraine War Narrative | MN Teachers Strike For Better Pay | Supreme Court: CIA Black Site Is a “State Secret” +

People's Convoy Supports Medicare For All | Schrödinger’s NATO Ally: Is Ukraine in NATO or Not? | A Proposed Solution to the Ukraine War | The audacity of oil | An All-New How Did We Miss That + more

Watch LIVE!! Ukraine | IPCC, Climate & Water | Monstrous Domestic Policies Continue | How Did We Miss That Ep 27 @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland

#Ukraine Forces Grease Bullets in #PigFat?! | HOW @Starbucks #Workers Won in #Mesa | @WikiLeaks Doc PROVES U.S. Knew #NATO Expansion Would Cause RUS/UKR War | R.I.P. to @RedactedTonight & #RTAmerica

Ukraine: Misinformation & Emotional Manipulation | China Refuses to Call Russian Operation an Invasion | The Predictable Demise of RT America | Is This Russian Propaganda? +

RIP to Redacted Tonight & RT America - And We Are All Poorer for It

Banks Sisters | @CourtneyBanks @OneOfTheseKeis1 | Friends of Indie Left #Podcast #FOIL Ep 04 | @IndLeftNews | @GetIndieNews | #FriendsOfIndieLeft

The Whole World Boycotts Russia | Right Wingers Gaming the Facebook Algorithm | Biden’s State of the Union: Progressives | The Role of #Socialists in the Labor Movement?

GA Police MURDER 12 Year Old and Charge the Father! | RT Banned by EU | Ukraine and the New Al Qaeda | Spotify Purges Dissident Voices In Latest Censorship Escalation | IPCC Report Analysis + more!

Tsunami of Russophobic Propaganda | Establishment's Dirty $$ Deals in #Ukraine | Weapons Co. Stocks Rise by 85% | Hypocrisy of Russia Boycott vs Israel | WHO moving forward on GLOBAL vaccine passports

#Russia Hit With BIGGEST Economic #Sanctions EVER | How #Dems Made $ in #Ukraine, Exposing #Propaganda | Nader: Everyone Loses in the #UkraineConflict | Foreign Agent Designation Causes Media Cold War

Afeni! | @reddisari | Friends of Indie Left #Podcast #FOIL Ep 03 | @IndLeftNews | @GetIndieNews | #FriendsOfIndieLeft

Afeni! | @reddisari | Friends of Indie Left #Podcast #FOIL Ep 03 | @IndLeftNews | @GetIndieNews | #FriendsOfIndieLeft

Watch LIVE! 10pm ET | Amazon Union Organizers ARRESTED, Facebook Manipulation, #Ukraine + | How Did We Miss That Ep 26 | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

#Ukraine Crisis Broken Down & Explained | FIORELLA: #Voting Won't Fix This | American Political Process DISCONNECTED From Economic Reality | Homes for the Homeless Sit VACANT in SF + more

Ron Placone | @RonPlacone | Friends of Indie Left #Podcast #FOIL Ep 02 | @IndLeftNews | @GetIndieNews | #FriendsOfIndieLeft

Ron Placone | @RonPlacone | Friends of Indie Left #Podcast #FOIL Ep 02 | @IndLeftNews | @GetIndieNews | #FriendsOfIndieLeft

Billionaire Philanthropy Won't Solve Anything | @SabbySabs2 Women’s Summit This Weekend! | The Truth Behind #Russia’s Offensive in #Ukraine | @Starbucks, @REI, @Amazon #UnionBUSTING Documented + more

Post-Civil-War Black American Massacres | $270M WASTED on Progressives | Biden forgives $400M in student loan debt! Left entertainment media SILENT | Putin Announces "Special" Op in Ukraine's Donbas +

Putin Invades #Ukraine (But Not Really) | 3/4 of Puerto Rican Teachers Protest For Better Pay | How an obscure far-right website with 3 employees dominates #Facebook + more

Sabby Sabs | Sabrina Salvati | @SabbySabs2 | Friends of Indie Left #Podcast #FOIL Ep 01

Sabby Sabs | Sabrina Salvati | @SabbySabs2 | Friends of Indie Left #Podcast #FOIL Ep 01

Coalition Building with The OLD Left? | US LYING About Troop Numbers in Iraq, Syria | What Accounts for #Putin’s Assertiveness on #Ukraine? | BLM Protesters KILLED in #Portland #AmirLocke Vigil + more

Banks Sisters | Friends of Indie Left | Watch LIVE! 2/21 @ 9:30pm ET | @CourtneyBanks @OneOfTheseKeis1 @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Watch LIVE! Union BUSTING | RIDICULOUS Rent Increase | Just 6% of Congress' Seats are Competitive | Communities Fighting POLLUTION | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews Ep 25

Starbucks Union Organizers FIRED in Memphis | Left Takover UPSETS Viewers...What happened here? (clip) | Roger Waters with Lee Camp on Assange, Human Rights + | Lessons From 1/6: An Inside Job + more

#Congress Gives $500M for Anti-China Misinformation | Crazy Working Shift Hours for BNSF Train Employees | @RaniaKhalek Debunks Anti-Cuba #Propaganda | WHY The AMERICAN LEFT is WEAK AF + more

#JusticeForAmirLocke | Whitewashing 101: How To Rewrite Black History | BLM Taken Over By Hillary Clinton Dems | The Political Matrix joins #ExtraBulla | Chris Cuomo Assaulted Woman In Office + more

Trudeau, @AOC, #TMobile, @Jimmy_Dore, @ProfWolff, Fake Russia-Ukraine Invasion Narrative Pushed by Establishment, Communities Fighting Pollution, #REI Workers Fighting Back, #PrinceAndrew Settles +

Hedges: Democratic Party is the Most Effective Evil | Robbie Jaeger @robletofire on Big Money Donors | Labor Update: #BNSF And @Starbucks | The Government’s War on Thought Crimes + more

Who Is the REAL "Axis of Evil”? | The #Twitter Left-ALL OUT WAR! Lies, Censorship & Friends Divided | #Starbucks Launches Anti-Union Website | @JoeRogan vs Joe Rogan Smears +

Rite Aid, wrong crime | Let's Talk About Healthcare! | Russell Brand & Matt Taibbi BRUTAL Class Divide | MSNBC Says ONLY REPUBLICANS Serve The Rich! | Sabrina Salvati gets Amped Up with Ryan Knight +

Watch LIVE! Amir Locke, Workers vs Bosses, Dems Being Dems, Rooftop Solar News | How Did We Miss That Ep 24 @howdidwemisstha @indleftnews @reefbreland @getindienews

#FollowTheMoney: Corporate Pandemic Profiteering | @MSNBC Demonizes Starving Americans | Joe Rogan = Right Wing? | The Great International #Convoy Fiasco | #TMobile Firing Unvaxxed Employees by 4/2? +

Dore vs Grim | Billionaires Bought The US Government | Chappelle DID NOT Oppose Affordable Housing | 'Nothing More Grotesque Than a Media Pushing for War,'- @Snowden | Aaron Maté joins Shaun Attwood+

Why Millions Of Americans Are #Quitting Their Jobs | Woke #UnionBusting | #Putin: “There Will Be No Winners” in Ukraine | #RooftopSolar Could Have Saved Lives During #Texas Deep Freeze +

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FREE Julian Assange NOW!

FREE Julian Assange NOW!

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