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FREE Julian Assange NOW!

FREE Julian Assange NOW!

Happy New Year! Indie recorded this back on October 24 to be played at the Netflix NYC protest, but realized that we never released or published it - so here it is!

Free Assange!

Hi Everyone! This is Indie from Independent Left Media, the home of Independent Left News, Leftists Today & How Did We Miss That

The Assange case is near and dear to my heart as an aggregator and publisher of independent news. It is of the utmost importance to Press Freedom Worldwide that Julian Assange be freed.

Julian Assange is being persecuted by the US Government for the crime of exposing the secrets of the powerful and publishing the war crimes of the US Military. 

The FBI’s star witness has admitted to lying about the hacking, which ALONE should nullify the case, as should the additional fact that UC Global, a Spanish private spy agency, was hired by the CIA to spy on Assange during his asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy. That’s undisputed thanks to the David Morales case in a Spanish court, where sworn testimony detailed the lengths at which the US Intelligence community went to kidnap and capture Julian. 

The ultimate goal is of the US Government is to silence him and send a message to publishers worldwide - the press is “free” as long as you don’t report on U.S. crimes. They intend to have him stand a secret trial in the US - where he would likely be sentenced to 175 years in Solitary Confinement in a SuperMax prison - for PUBLISHING documents (oh - and they’re true and nobody can attribute any of the leaks to causing one person being killed). 

The United States has brought its full weight to the table and have consistently and repeatedly ILLEGALLY pressured other sovereign nations to intervene - but this kind of pressure is exactly why he must be freed. The US government made this political, which turned it into a persecution. There is so much more that I could say, but all I have left to say at this point is: Free Julian Assange. We Are ALL ASSANGE.

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