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Fiorella Isabel | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #11 | @FiorellaIsabelM @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

Fiorella Isabel | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #11 | @FiorellaIsabelM @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

Episode 11 of Friends of Indie Left features a good friend of Indie Left’s - the brilliant, beautiful, fiery & talented Fiorella Isabel from both The Convo Couch and, more recently, RT International. She’ll be LIVE from Moscow, Russia, where she moved earlier this year. Fi’s rants are legendary, she’s incredibly outspoken & accomplished as a journalist & broadcaster. 

The Convo Couch has been a featured outlet in Independent Left News for more than 2 years, a member of the MCSC Network family of channels. Indie is excited to talk 1-on-1 with Fiorella on stream for the first time! They’ll talk about her career, election integrity, explore the life & struggle of independent journalists and get into the NY/Chicago Pizza rivalry.

Recorded 9/23/22

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