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Franc Analysis | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #9 | @b43franco @IndeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

Franc Analysis | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #9 | @b43franco @IndeftNews @GetIndieNews #FOIL

Livestreamed & Recorded Friday, July 29, 2022

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For Episode 9 of Friends of Indie Left, Indie talks with a longtime friend Franco, political commentator & analyst from Franc Analysis -a member of the MCSC Network family of independent channels. 

Franco has a calm demeanor, asks insightful questions and gets people to open up due to his non-confrontational style. He’s interviewed hundreds of guests across a variety of topics and ideologies, and his takes questioning mainstream narratives have seen his YouTube channel demonetized since January 2021.

They’ll talk about the growth of the Franc Analysis channel, how he got into politics and livestreaming, shout out some of our favorite content creators and have some fun along the way.

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