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Ep 102 (Live 12/10/23)

12/17/23 (Clip): Matt Taibbi: #CTIFiles4: Hamilton 68 & the CTI League: Superheroes... in Their Own Minds!

12/15/23 (Clip): Matt Taibbi: #CTIFiles3: SOCKPUPPETS AND SPIES

12/14/23 (Clip): Whitney Webb’s Response to the CTI League Whistleblower Dumps

12/13/23 (Clip): A Global Censorship Blueprint. The CTI Files: What Are They? Should We Be Worried?

12/10/23 (LIVE): Matt Taibbi & Michael Shellenberger Given Leaked Documents By Whistleblower! | #CTIfiles

Ep 101 (Live 12/3/23)

12/10/23 (Clip): Bellingcat = BellingCAUGHT - AGAIN

12/9/23 (Clip): STOP Killing Journalists, Israel! The Onslaught Continues; Now 70+ MURDERED

12/8/23 (Clip): Roger Waters Can’t Get a Hotel in Uruguay, Colombia & Argentina: Guess Why?

12/7/23 (Clip): SHOCKING Gaza Destruction Drone Footage

12/6/23 (Clip): We MUST NOT STOP Talking About Julian Assange

12/3/23 (LIVE): Roger Waters, Julian Assange, Bellingcat Collusion, STOP K!ll!ng Journalists, Israel!

Ep 100 (Live 11/26/23)

12/2/23 (Clip): Reviewing "Thanksgiving Weekend Thoughts"

12/1/23 (Clip): Let’s Hope This Takes David Brock & Media Matters Down

11/30/23 (Clip): If You’re Defending the Side Murdering Journalists, You May Want to Rethink Your Position

11/29/23 (Clip): Substack Notes, Gratitude, Personal Growth

11/28/23 (Clip): Watch: Reviewing "What Are We Reading"

11/26/23 (LIVE): Matt Taibbi | Caitlin Johnstone | Support Independent Media! We're BACK!

Ep 99.5 (Published 11/21/23)

11/21/23 (Special Clip): Direct Deposit SNAFUS?! | "Banking Glitches?" | WTF Is Going On?! #ACHPayments

Ep 99 (Live 10/29/23)

11/2/23 (Clip) The Indie Media Awards: Revealing the Class of 2023

11/1/23 (Clip): You Suck, Amy Klobuchar! Congress vs. Substack & Rumble? Time to Play Platform Whack-A-Mole Again

10/31/23 (Clip): Consortium News is Fighting the Censorship Industrial Complex in Court

10/29/23 (LIVE): Indie Media Awards: The Class of 2023 | Fighting the Censorship Industrial Complex

Ep 98 (Live 10/22/23)

10/25/23 (clip): NewsGuild Demands Journalist Reveal Protected Conversation in Court

10/24/23 (clip): Solidarity with the UAW on Holding Out!

10/23/23 (clip): Study in Propaganda: Gaza, “Israel’s 9/11” & Al-Ahli Arab Hospital Bomb

10/22/23 (LIVE): Journalism Under Assault Worldwide | Propaganda Narratives Being Pushed | UAW Strike

Ep 97 (Live 10/15/23)

10/15/23 (LIVE): Propaganda Whitewashing War Crimes in #Palestine | Writers’ Strike Analysis | UAW Stuff

Ep 96 (Live 10/8/23)

10/14/23 (clip): 3-Letter Agencies Hunting Assange Connections WORLDWIDE

10/13/23 (clip): Poverty in America Rising: By the Numbers

10/12/23 (clip): North Carolina Republicans create "secret police force?"

10/11/23 (clip): Elon Musk Breaks Twitter X More Every Day

10/10/23 (clip): YouTube is SUPPRESSING Searches of Independent Channels Covering !srael & Palest!ne

10/8/23 (LIVE): BREAKING: More YouTube SUPPRESSION! | Secret Police Force In NC! | American Poverty Rising

Ep 95 (Live 10/1/23)

10/6/23 (clip): CJ Hopkins Update: Germany Prosecution, Michael Shellenberger

10/4/23 (clip): UAW Strike - Media is Gullible & Desperate to Report a Win for Workers

9/26/23 (clip): Fake Views? Rumble Video. What Is Going On?

10/1/23 (LIVE): UAW / Strike Updates | CJ Hopkins Update | Rumble: Fake Views? A Deep Dive

Ep 94 (Live 8/27/23) - The 2nd Anniversary Show!

9/4/23 (clip): Environmentalists Owe an Enormous Debt to #JulianAssange

9/3/23 (clip): "When all is exposed, 98% of Washington will fall"- Julian Assange

9/2/23 (clip): Stop Cop City Atlanta Update

9/1/23 (clip): #FreeJulianAssange! Keep the Pressure ON!

8/31/23 (clip): Hollywood Strike Update

8/30/23 (clip): Free Speech is Disappearing. Support CJ Hopkins!

8/27/23 (LIVE): #StopCopCity! | Hollywood Strike | Support CJ Hopkins! | #FreeJulianAssangeNOW

Ep 93 (Live 8/20/23)

8/26/23 (clip): OK Doomer - What in the WEF Is Going On Here, Exactly?

8/24/23 (clip): Excellent Russia-Ukraine War Aggregator on Substack

8/23/23 (clip): Same Sh*t, Different Government: A New Substack Aggregator

8/23/23 (clip): Twitter (X) Under Elon Musk Is A Psyop. CJ Hopkins Says "I Told You So!"

8/22/23 (clip): New INN Projects

8/20/23 (LIVE): Elon’s Social Media Adventure | Doomers Have BIG Ideas | New News Aggregators to Follow

Ep 92 (Live 8/13/23)

8/18/23 (clip): Clarence Thomas LOVES Billionaire Gifts

8/17/23 (clip): Imran Khan: How USA/NATO Deals w/ Leaders Who Resist

8/16/23 (clip): It Was ALWAYS a Class War

8/15/23 (clip): Trump’s Indictment Sets Dangerous Precedent

8/13/23 (LIVE): Trump Precedent | Imran Khan | Clarence’s Corruption Runs DEEP | Kris Legion Joins

Ep 91 (Live 8/6/23)

8/14/23 (clip): UPS-Teamsters TA Update

8/13/23 (clip): More Amazon Drivers Striking - Expanded to 10 STATES!!!

8/12/23 (clip): The Dark Side of Making Electric Cars

8/11/23 (clip): Leah Remini Sues Scientology

8/10/23 (clip): Health Insurance? STILL Not Enough to Stop Americans from Delaying Treatments

8/9/23 (clip): Visit #EastPalestine, Joe Biden!

8/8/23 (clip): Amazon Drivers, UPS-Teamsters, SAG-AFTRA Strike, Yellow Freight: Labor This Week

8/6/23 (LIVE): INSURED Americans Delaying Healthcare: Costs Too Much | Scientology SUED | Worker Update

Ep 90 (Live 7/30/23)

8/6/23 (clip): Free School Lunches Part 2 - Nothing in Life is Free

8/5/23 (clip): Caitlin Johnstone: Biden Promotes Hardliners & The Star Spangled Kangaroo

8/4/23 (clip): Labor Reporters’ Positive Spin of the UPS-Teamsters Tentative Agreement

8/3/23 (clip): UPS-Teamster "Vote No" Campaign Led By Kshama Sawant & Workers Strike Back

8/2/23 (clip): UPS-Teamster Perspective by Luigi Morris, a Left Voice journalist & Part Timer

8/1/23 (clip): Was The UPS-Teamsters Deal a SELLOUT By Union Leadership?

7/31/23 (clip): UPS-Teamsters: Union Leadership makes a Deal - Will the Rank & File Approve It?

7/30/23 (Live): UPS-Teamsters: The TA from Every Angle | Free School Lunches Part 2 | Caitlin Johnstone

Ep 89 (Live 7/23/23)

7/29/23 (clip): Yellow Freight: Screwing over Workers?

7/28/23 (clip): Free K-12 School Lunches Program Gaining Steam: Up To 6 States Now

7/27/23 (clip): Ukraine Update: Why Are We There Again?

7/26/23 (clip): Amazon Strikes in Michigan on Prime Day + UK

7/25/23 (clip): Teamsters - UPS - Yellow Freight - Sean O'Brien

7/23/23 (Live): UPS & Yellow Teamsters | Amazon Warehouse Strikes | Ukraine Update | Free School Lunches

Ep 88 (Live 7/16/23)

7/21/23 (clip): Is Substack Going Full Sh*tlib?

7/20/23 (clip): Taibbi's Latest Twitter Files, Missouri v Biden Edition: VINDICATION!

7/19/23 (clip): Amazon Labor - NLRB Ruling & Chris Smalls Recall?

7/16/23 (Live): Twitter Files | Amazon Labor NLRB Win, Chris Smalls Recall? | Substack Going Sh*tlib?

Ep 87 (Live 7/9/23)

7/18/23 (clip): NLRB: STARBUCKS Guilty of MULTIPLE Union-Busting Violations at Pittsburgh stores

7/17/23 (clip): BIG WINS for Starbucks Workers' Union: YES Votes, Nationwide!

7/16/23 (clip): City of Houston SUES State of Texas Over "Death Star" Law

7/15/23 (clip): NLRB: Starbucks Must REOPEN Ithaca NY Store, Rehire Fired Workers w/ Restitution!

7/14/23 (clip): Moms For Liberty-Aligned $125/hr Unqualified Education Consultant

7/13/23 (clip): Summer Texas Heat Killing Prisoners, Causing Lawsuits

7/12/23 (clip): Starbucks Workers’ Big Week

7/11/23 (clip): UPS-Teamsters Talks Collapse; Strike Coming August 1?

7/9/23 (Live): UPS-Teamsters | Starbucks Union | Texas Heat | Moms for Liberty | INN’s @Tahtahme Joins

Ep 86 (Live 7/2/23)

7/9/23 (clip): Non-Profit Farmers’ Markets in NYC & DC Unionizing!

7/8/23 (clip): Follow the Money: Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

7/7/23 (clip): Fighting The Censorship Industrial Complex

7/6/23 (clip): Tara Reade’s “Temporary Asylum” in Russia

7/5/23 (clip): Unionizing at Farmers Markets in NYC, Loma Linda Medical Residents

7/4/23 (clip): Nurses Strike in Texas and Kansas at Ascension Health Hospitals

7/2/23 (Live): Nurses Strike! | Big Event in London | Infrastructure Bill | Tara Reade in Russia

Ep 85 (Live 6/25/23)

7/2/23 (clip): Texas Governor Axing Construction Workers’ Water Breaks Amid Record Heat & Alito Took Undisclosed Private Jet Trip: Conflict?

7/1/23 (clip): We’re Failing Our Elders: Seniors Are a Growing Portion of Unhoused Population | Actors’ Guild Authorizes Strike Alongside Writers

6/30/23 (clips): “We Must Strike”: A Message from a Rank-and-File UPS Worker Activist & California Schools Urged to Create Heat Plans on a Warming Planet

6/29/23 (clips): Supreme Corruption & Conflicts of Interest | ACB & Alito

6/28/23 (clips): Summer of Strikes? | UPS/Teamsters | Actors Joining Writers | Spirit Aero & #ACB Real Estate De​al Latest #SupremeCourt Ethics Scandal

6/27/23 (clip): Starbucks BUSTED again, 150 Stores ON STRIKE this week!

6/26/23 (clip): States Failing: Schools, Seniors, Workers & Infrastructure

6/25/23 (LIVE): MORE SUPREME (Court) Corruption | Summer of Strikes? | States Are Failing Citizens

Ep 84 (Live 6/18/23)

6/25/23 (clip): Radio Editor SUSPENDED for Not Pushing One-Sided US/UK Propaganda

6/23/23 (clip): Indie News Network's NEW INN Weekly Update Published to Substack

6/22/23 (clip): Alien Whistleblower David Grusch: Legit? Or Full of Sh*t?


6/20/23 (clip): East Palestine Update: They Still Need Everyone's Help - This Isn't Going Away

6/18/23 (LIVE): Aliens?! Let’s Talk About It | UK Narrative Managing Ukraine | HELP East Palestine!

Ep 83 (Live 6/11/23)

6/17/23 (clip): Backwards Priorities - Military Above All Else

6/16/23 (clip): CJ Hopkins BUSTED for a Book Cover?

6/15/23 (clip): NordStream Pipeline Explosion: They Think We’re REALLY Dumb

6/14/23 (clip): @AaronJMate's Latest #TwitterFiles Drop! FBI & Ukraine SBU Pushing Censorship

6/13/23 (clip): What’s Happening in Republican Presidential Primary Clown World?

6/11/23 (LIVE): Trump | Twitter Files | Ukraine Propaganda | Nord Stream Debunk | Military Waste

Ep 82 (Live 6/4/23)

6/10/23 (clip): Chris Hedges: Matt Taibbi CRUCIFIED by Democrats

6/9/23 (clip): Workers at Amazon Corporate Walk Out! But... Why?

6/8/23 (clip): Did US & UK Classify Julian Assange as a TERRORIST? | Assange Hacking Allegations BOGUS, Forensic Evidence shows

6/7/23 (clip): Assange Case: New Footage Proves He Was Spied on by CIA

6/6/23 (clip): Julian Assange Case: Crown Prosecution Service DESTROYED Key Documents

6/5/23 (clip): Nova Scotia, Canada ON FIRE! Apocalyptic Wildfires

6/4/23 (LIVE): Amazon Corporate Walkout! | Hedges: Taibbi Crucified by Dems | LOTS of Assange NEWS

Ep 81 (Live 5/21/23)

5/27/23 (clip): Julian Assange's Release Is Crucial for Our Future: Fabian Scheidler

5/26/23 (clip): Grocery Monopolies Are Bad! Kroger-Albertson’s

5/25/23 (clip): Detained “Cop City” Journalist Sues Atlanta Police, Alleges Intimidation

5/24/23 (clip): Raise The Wage, Louisiana!

5/23/23 (clip): Felony Charges for Three Allegedly Flyering Near Home of GA Cop

5/21/23 (LIVE): Assange | Cop City | Grocery Monopoly! | Louisiana Minimum Wage | That’s Classified!

Ep 80 (Live 5/14/23)

5/20/23 (clip): Who is

5/19/23 (clip): How Much Do Publishers Need Social Media Today?

5/18/23 (clip): Norfolk Southern = Evil Corp - Just ask East Palestine, OH Residents

5/17/23 (clip): Clarence Thomas: TOTALLY CORRUPT, Going to Get Away With It

5/16/23 (clip): The Encyclopedia of Narrative Control Orgs, Vol. 1 #CIC #TwitterFiles

5/14/23 (LIVE): Will Clarence Thomas Get Off Scot Free? | Censorship Industrial Complex Broken Down

Ep 79 (Live 5/7/23)

5/13/23 (clip): Using Poison in Ukraine’s Depleted Hope of Victory

5/12/23 (clip): Child Labor in America. 10 Year Old Kids!!!

5/11/23 (clip): Biden Gaslights Assange & Supporters "Journalism Is Not A Crime"

5/10/23 (clip): Julian Assange Writes to King Charles on his Coronation

5/9/23 (clip): Julian Assange and World Press Freedom Day

5/7/23 (LIVE): Child Labor in America?! | NATO LOSING in Ukraine | Gaslighting Assange Supporters

Ep 78 (Live 4/30/23)

5/6/23 (clip): Weaponizing Free Speech

5/5/23 (clip): Free Julian Assange! USA Leaders Trolling Him Now

5/4/23 (clip): DEA Sliding Into Your DMs

5/3/23 (clip): Taibbi's Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex

5/2/23 (clip): UPDATE: U of Michigan Grad Student Strike Continues

4/30/23 (LIVE): CENSORSHIP from Every Angle You Can Imagine | Michigan Grad Student Strike UPDATE


Ep 77 (Live 4/23/23)

4/29/23 (clip): Rail Workers to AOC & Dems: Do NOT Gaslight Us!

4/28/23 (clip): Cop City: Tortuguita MURDERED UNARMED, No Gunpowder Residue Found

4/27/23 (clip): Police Abusing Civil Forfeiture Laws to Seize Cash for Themselves

4/26/23 (clip): Corporate Media are the Anti-Wikileaks

4/25/23 (clip): Journalists CONVICTED Of 'Trespassing' While Covering Eviction Of Homeless Encampment in NC

4/23/23 (LIVE): Cops Are Criminals! | Corporate Media Are the Anti-Wikileaks | Rail Workers Speak Out

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Ep 76 (Live 4/16/23)

4/22/23 (clip): Norfolk Southern Executives’ GREED

4/21/23 (clip): Michigan Grad Students STRIKE! for Living Wage & Social Justice

4/20/23 (clip): Do Tech Workers Need #Unions?

4/19/23 (clip): Indiana Plastics Fire Releases TOXIC Chemicals, Residents EVACUATED

4/18/23 (clip): Matt Taibbi CENSORED by Elon Musk! Jack Teixeira & the Pentagon Leaks

4/16/23 (LIVE): Taibbi on Censorship & Leaks | Tech Worker Unions? | Norfolk Southern’s GREED

Ep 75a (BONUS) (Live 4/12/23)

4/15/23 (clip): The New Normal Left | @CJHopkins_Z23

4/13/23 (cllip): Substack Notes Launches | An In-Depth Look | @SubstackInc

4/12/23 (LIVE): Substack Notes Launches | “New Normal” Left


Ep 75 (Live 4/9/23)

4/14/23 (clip): Another IPCC Nightmare Report | #climateemergency @KitCabello @CommonDreams

4/12/23 (clip): Nordstream Cover Story Paper-Thin, Crumbles | @HowDidWeMissTha @KitCabello @CraigMurrayOrg

4/11/23 (clip) Twitter vs Substack - WTF Happened? Musk, Taibbi, Notes, Link Throttling | @kitcabello @SubstackInc @TwitterAPI

4/9/23 (LIVE): Taibbi, Twitter & Substack | IPCC Report | Vulkan Leaks Exposed | Kit Cabello Joins | #HDWMT Ep 75

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Ep 74 (Live 4/2/23)

4/8/23 (clip): CDC Officers SICK! | Justice Dept SUES Norfolk Southern | East Palestine

4/7/23 (clip): Now - About the Water... | @ErinBrockovich @commondreams

4/6/23 (clip): RESTRICT Act - It’s NOT about TikTok | @jordanschachtel

4/5/23 (clip): Germany's Mega-Strike! | @TheCanaryUK @France24

4/4/23 (clip): Dollar Store DANGER?! Yes. @juddlegum #PopularInformation

4/2/23 (LIVE): Chemical Spills in Water | NO to RESTRICT Act | Germany MegaStrike | Dollar General | #HDWMT Ep 74

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Ep 73 (Live 3/26/23)

4/1/23 (clip): French REVOLUTION 2! | @GordonDimmack #Paris #France

3/31/23 (clip): East Palestine, Ohio from the Local Perspective

3/30/23 (clip): Seymour Hersh Wins Again! Nordstream, Biden, Germany, NATO | @CommonDreams @JohnsonJakeP

3/26/23 (LIVE): Seymour Hersh Responds | French Revolution 2? | East Palestine | Temple Grad Students | #HDWMT Ep 73

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Ep 72

3/19/23 (LIVE): INTERVIEW: Jenna Giannios & Alex Felix, United for East Palestine | How Did We Miss That #72

Ep 71 (Live 3/12/23)

3/17/23 (clip): UNPLUG from Corporate Controlled Media

3/16/23 (clip): COINTELPRO - Important to Know Our History @freedomrideblog @blkagendareport

3/15/23 (clip): RECORD LEVELS of Congressional CORRUPTION!!! @ppolitics @sludge

3/14/23 (clip): Welcome to Dystopia - East Palestine, Ohio & Norfolk Southern @CommonDreams @KennyStancil #EastPalestine


Ep 70

3/5/23 (LIVE): New Assange News | Baby Formula | Starbucks BUSTED by NLRB | 2022 Was Good for Worker Strikes Ep #70

Ep 69

2/26/23 (LIVE): MORE Censorship | “DeepFake” Don? | Joe is Back! | Coal Miner Strike ENDS | How Did We Miss That #69

Ep 68

2/19/23 (LIVE): Rage Against War | Taibbi | Haiti | East Palestine, OH | Corporate Cops | How Did We Miss That #68

Ep 67

2/12/23 (LIVE): NordStream | Temple Grad Students | Amazon Worker Reinstated | Solar>50% | How Did We Miss That #67

Ep 66

2/9/23 (LIVE): #TyreNichols | Temple U Strike | Value of a FB Like | Palestinian Media | How Did We Miss That #66

Ep 65

2/6/23 (LIVE): Fiorella Isabel Joins How Did We Miss That to talk Russia-Ukraine-Donbass + @HowDidWeMissTha #65