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Joshua Hill Copy/Pasted the Substackers Against Nazis Letter. We Read It & Comment

A clip from How Did We Miss That (ep 103) - watch it on Substack!

Joshua Hill means well here, but is sadly disappointing. We align on a lot: Cop City, Palestine, Healthcare and more… but he plays into the emotional manipulation he may not even realize is being orchestrated. His intent isn’t even to ban or deplatform people. That’s not HIS goal. But it never stops with your goal. Especially when you’re actually running under someone else’s agenda.

New Means
Substackers Against Nazis
I talk a lot about collective action and I’ve been moved and encouraged to see well over 150 writers say clearly that Substack should not assist Nazis in making money on this platform. The platform should not tolerate and help those whose message is the extermination of others. This, to me, is simple and not controversial. But the leadership of this com…
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