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Ten Manipulation Tactics Employed by Propagandists

A clip from How Did We Miss That (ep 112) - watch it on Substack!

⭐ Top Ten Strategies Propagandists Use To Manipulate People: Kris Legion, Waking Up! With Kris Legion


Waking Up! with Kris Legion
Top Ten Strategies Propagandists Use To Manipulate People
Well, let us start by asking a simple question. What is Propaganda? Propaganda is a tool as old as human history itself, employed by various entities to sway opinions, shape narratives, and maintain control over others. In today's world, propaganda permeates through every aspect of society, from politics, to media, to social networks. Understanding its st…
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Hi! I’m Indie. I champion corporate-free independent media which challenges the narratives that cable & broadcast media push on behalf of advertisers.

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Fiercely independent politically, anti-duopoly (or corporate UniParty). Tirelessly fighting to Free Julian Assange.

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