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Free Julian Assange! February 18, 2024

Free Julian Assange! February 18, 2024

A short clip from Tuesday’s American Tradition on INN.

Jesse Jett and I talked about the Julian Assange Day X hearings in London, the worldwide protests, the daily posts being made here and the efforts of so many worldwide and more!

Randy Credico has been rolling billboard trucks around NYC raising awareness about Julian’s case since Wednesday! He is an absolute legend. He crowdfunded this. More billboard trucks will be rolling around Washington, DC on Tuesday & Wednesday during Day X. The legendary caught up with the trucks in Harlem this morning! Click the pic for the Facebook post with even more pics!

A Massive Thread of Known Day X Rallies/protests worldwide, thanks to Alex and Candles4Assange (link in post):

DAY X IS ALMOST HERE! February 20-21: Call Your Representative and Senators! Free Julian Assange!

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