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Free Julian Assange! February 23, 2024

Our Daily Reminder to Keep That Fire Burning and Awareness High! Day X Articles Included

The featured video, a speech about Julian Assange by MEP Clare Daly, was recorded on Tuesday morning in London in front of the Royal Courts of Justice.

Drop the Charges! Free Julian Assange!! Journalism is not a Crime! #JournalismIsNotACrime #FreeJulianAssangeNOW

A collection of 10 Videos from TikTok, Instagram & a very important YouTube video about Julian Assange, Day X and more

  1. “Democracy Dies in Darkness” by

    on TikTok

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  2. “Highlights from the Day X protests outside The Royal Courts of Justice. Thank you to everyone who made their voices heard. Together we defend a free press Together we defend #JulianAssange #FreeAssange ✊” Free Assange News on TikTok

  3. “The same people prosecuting Assange are the same people bombing Gaza.” says

    , speaking outside the UK High Court after Julian Assange hearing #freeassange #freejulianassange #freedomofspeech #freedomofspeech #unitedstates #uk #australia #gaza #resist #extradition

  4. A well-produced overview by Breakthrough News

    A post shared by @btnewsroom

  5. “On Day 2 of Assange's trial at the UK High Court, let's be reminded of the bipartisan letter @repthomasmassie sent to President Biden along with 15 other members of Congress, calling for the charges to be dropped against Julian Assange. “

    A post shared by @antiwarcom

  6. High Court Charades - new post on


  8. Matt O’Branain, who was in the overspill room for journalists inside the Royal Courts of Justice:
    “My rough sketch of the #Assange hearing while I was trying to listen on a terrible audio feed. ‘It sounded like you were inside a typewriter’ said Cathy Vogan of Consortium News. Open justice? They didn’t appear to have a microphone in front of Julian’s lawyers turned on. 🙄I believe I helped convince them to fix it two thirds in.
    They picked the smallest court so only 20 people could cram in.

    At front two Counsels for #Assange, to right behind them Gareth Perice, then from right Julian’s family: father

    , brother Gabriel Shipton, wife , behind them awesome US journo . Also saw Craig Murray and Jennifer Robinson and Deepa Driver.

    I did however detect a sea change. The judges seemed to ask some sincere questions. Craig Murray reckoned they hadn’t read the evidence beforehand, perhaps walking in assuming this was a nothing-burger, and appeared somewhat concerned by some points. As they should be. Extremely so. First time the court actually re-heard some of the serious issues like #PressFreedom and first time the assassination plot reported on Yahoo News was allowed to be heard. Not in detail as this is only an application to appeal. But… I believe the tide has shifted.

    Bad news is Julian was for once allowed to attend but was too sick. That’s scary. We have to fight to get him out, on bail or for good, ASAP whatever the outcome.

    And justice for all”

    A post shared by @mattobranain

  9. George Galloway: “Julian Assange is the world’s number one political prisoner. Keir Starmer, allegedly a human rights’ lawyer, hasn’t rowed back that Israel has the right to cut off water and electricity in Gaza”


    , Craig Murray & : Consortium News

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