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Matt Taibbi: #CTIFiles4: Hamilton 68 & the CTI League: Superheroes... in Their Own Minds! | @mtaibbi @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews #CTILFiles #CTIFiles

A clip from How Did We Miss That (ep 102) - watch it on Substack!

In this clip from Sunday night’s How Did We Miss That,

and break down the article in the CTI League series, the result of a recent whistleblower dump of documents.

It documents the blueprint for censorship, and this section addresses how the narrative management factory Hamilton 68. For those not paying close attention, Hamilton 68 was exposed earlier in The Twitter Files as the infamous org that was responsible for incorrectly identifying many Americans on Twitter as linked to Russia.

CTI League subsequently devised a strategy handbook, using the dashboard from Hamilton 68, to sow disinformation, divisiveness and steer narrative on Twitter successfully, employing tactics learned from the defense department and the intel community - to get undesirable accounts watched, filtered, restricted or outright banned.

They then shifted their focus to COVID narrative management. There are even cuts in this clip from the internal Zoom calls. Lots of acronyms, lots of players, but keep up! It’s done intentionally to get you to zone out and not pay attention to the big picture. Stay focused.


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